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iNet Portable

iNet Portable boasts a confluence of innovative technologies coupled with many years of research undertaken in the area of network monitoring. It is aimed to take the burden of network administrators and come out with a mobile monitoring product that can fit into any notebook running any operating system, easy to move and carry, ready to plug it into any segment and begin monitoring on the fly, support Passive Network Auto-Discovery with Passive operating System Fingerprinting, Open architecture compatible with 64-bit applications, Passive Visual Network tracing that can support up to 24 nodes in each traced session. Customized view and adjustable windowing system that can run multiple view at the same time. Support multi-threaded circular buffers. iNet Portable basically has two major components:

  • Packet Capturing and Decoding Engine: Captured packet is deciphered into a myriad of network data collection.
  • Visualization Engine: Rrich visualizations such as color-coded charts, tables, etc.

The whole activity is performed in real-time and monitoring can be performed by anytime, since the information is displayed in such a manner that even appeals to a layman.

iNet Portable Features

  • Real time packets decoded on the fly
  • Stealth undetectable
  • Transparent - do not affect daily operation
  • Zero overhead no traffic generated
  • Total visibility see all traffics
  • Secure compare to SNMP & RMON
  • Hardware independent
  • Multi-topology and multi-protocols support
  • Network nodes auto discovery

For more information Please click here : iNetmon

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